Current Trends in Information and Cyber Technologies

Sozon Leventopoulos is currently Senior Information Security Consultant and Cybersecurity Specialist at Netcompany Intrasoft, participating in several projects in EU Organisations. He has also been a military officer with more than 25 years of active military service, with a special focus in operational planning and execution, as well as an active speaker in several military and cyber-related conferences and events.

Dr. Georgia Dede is Senior Information Security Consultant at Netcompany Intrasoft. She is also adjunct lecturer and post-doctoral researcher in the area of decision making and operational research in IoT applications and services at the Department of Informatics and Telematics of the Harokopio University. She has worked as an Network and Information Cybersecurity Officer at ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity). She has participated in EU and national projects. She has published papers in scientific journals, books and conferences, and is also a reviewer in scientific journals.

Dimitris Bougioukos is a seasoned Cyber Security Professional with international experience having worked in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. He has delivered and led Risk Management, Security Architecture and Cyber Defence projects to clients operating in industry sectors such as Government, Oil & Gas, FMCG and Financial Services. He’s currently based in Greece and working at Netcompany Intrasoft where he leads the Software Security Assurance team. His mission is to embed cyber security in the software development lifecycle and create trusted digital products that bring sustainable value towards businesses and citizens alike.

Dr. Emmanouil Serrelis is currently Manager in Information Security Department in Netcompany Intrasoft with over 25 years of technical, managerial and research experience in IT, InfoSec, Finance, Pharma, Telco and Business Administration sectors. He is also an active speaker in multiple scientific and technical conferences and project manager/technical lead in private, EU and public sector projects. His research interests and publications include Green ICT, Information Security and Services Management and Quantification of Security.

Ακολουθεί σύντομη περιγραφή

The presentation will include the following Sessions

  1. Setting up the scene for today’s Cyber Threats and Opportunities” by Sozon Leventopoulos, CISSP, CASP+, CEH, Security+, Network+, 27001 LA, Description: This session presents the current InfoSec and CyberSecurity definitions, threats and market opportunities – laying the down the foundations for the rest of the presentations.
  2. Fostering Information Security Needs with Meaningful Services: Customer Potential and Job Opportunities” by Dr. Georgia Dede, PhD, MsC, 27001 LA, Description: This session brings an overview of InfoSec and CyberSecurity Services that can respond to any customer type. At the same time, it introduces current job opportunities and trends within those fields.
  3. Securing Digital Products: The case of OWASP’s Software Assurance Maturity Model” by Dimitrios Bougioukos, MSc, CISSP, CCSP, CISMP Description: Multiple events and incidents in the recent years have highlighted in a striking manner that security of software products can be the weakest link exposing vast amounts of data and wrecking business reputation. As businesses out there remain focused on ‘speed-to-market’ for their products, end-to-end software security initiatives remain frail and disarranged. At the same time, risk aware organisations are increasingly seeking to obtain assurance that any third-party software deployed in their environment is secure and shall remain secure in each future release. In the post-COVID era, bringing to market a secure software product is matter of doing sustainable business. However, securing a software product is not solely a technical exercise. It requires a holistic approach that appreciates over time. In this presentation, we explain why it matters to act now, understand the maturity of your software security initiatives and build a maturity program that fits the needs of your organization and your clients
  4. Security services can go Green” by Dr. Emmanouil Serrelis, PhD, CISM, CDPSE, CCVM, 27001 LA, 22301 LI, ITIL, COBIT, EUSA, BEng, MSc, MBA, Description: Cybersecurity services are typically about risks that are covered through measures, policies and technologies. Still, in the era of climate change, the monochrome areas of security can turn to green. This presentation explains which are the common areas of green IT and cybersecurity, which are the conflicting topics and which are the main principles for creating green IT solutions.